Schools in England hold half-term Sats classes for pupils as young as six

Primary schools in England are holding half-term and Easter holiday revision classes for pupils as young as six to prepare them for standardised tests known as Sats, the Guardian has learned.

The use of holiday “booster sessions” for pupils in year two was robustly condemned by the Department for Education (DfE) and major teaching unions, with one union leader describing them as “an extraordinarily bad idea” with no positive impact.

One primary school in north London has invited its year two pupils to attend voluntary revision sessions during next week’s half-term holiday, well in advance of the tests on maths, literacy and grammar due in May.

Another primary school in Birmingham is offering parents of year two pupils free childcare for the half-term break, combining maths and English revision classes in the mornings with more conventional holiday activities such as sports coaching and cooking lessons in the afternoons.